5 Blade Sweeney Todd Razor and pack of Blades
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How Sweeney Todd 5 Blade Blades Razor and pack of Blades is different from others?

Most people think they have a good shave until we introduce them to our new razor! Then they realize what they have been missing every day! Now is the time to change. Our razors will give you the best shave ever – for up to three weeks per blade! Our blades feature ll new technology. There are no finer razor blades anywhere, and none sharper. The Lube Strip on all our razors is composed of a roll-over lubricant that makes the blades glide over the surface of your face in a smooth, easy stroke. As a daily or even occasional shaver you deserve it to yourself to experience the difference, our razor and blades can offer you each time you put the blade to your face.


Product Review


Product Tested By Graham Pearson

Graham Awarded The 5 Blade Sweeney Todd Razor and pack of Blades 4.5/5

Arrived well packaged and looked good quality. Instructions clear. Very easy to use. The lubricating strip makes this very comfortable to use and gives a nice finish. The multi-blade arrangement is good as gives a good close shave. Liked the ergonomic handle as makes it comfortable to use. One small little niggle is the blades are so close together they can get clogged up easily. This does, however, deliver a really good close shave. I had not heard of this brand before other than the play. I would buy this again but like all razors, I do feel the replacement blades are expensive. I would recommend. Delivers a really close shave every time and the lubricating strip delivers a nice finish.

        -Graham Pearson

Product Tested By Charles Madsen

Charles Awarded The 5 Blade Sweeney Todd Razor and pack of Blades 4.5/5

Looked good quality. Packaging as you would expect for a razor. Instructions easy to follow. This multi-blade razor certainly gave a close shave, so close in fact first time used did manage to cut myself. The blades are sharp and the added benefit of the lubricating strip helps give a good finish. This was a very effective razor and gave me a close wet shave. I had never heard of the brand before I was sent to review. I would purchase again. The price is good compared to other razors and the replacement blades are on a par price-wise with other well-known brands. I would purchase and would recommend. A good quality razor that delivers a close shave every time.

        -Charles Madsen

Product Tested By Jack Simmons

Jack Awarded The 5 Blade Sweeney Todd Razor and pack of Blades 4.7/5

Presented well. Packaging good quality and looked sleek razor. The razor design is similar to others on the market in the way it looks. The quality is very good. When I started using this razor I must admit I was impressed with the shave it delivered. The razor would glide over the skin and the lubricating strip is a nice touch to deliver a smooth finish. I was surprised how well this worked. I had not heard of this brand of razor before. It does present good value and price is slightly less expensive compared to other razors I have purchased in the past and the replacement blades are reasonable. Easy enough to use, good quality handle which makes it comfortable to hold. Just take care keeping blades clean. Now I have used this I would purchase again and would recommend. This is a razor that delivers a smooth shave and well worth a try as I found it to be very effective.

         -Jack Simmons